Hello, I’m Pinky.

a woman sitting in the cockpit of a small sailing dinghy, which is on a lake, holding the tiller with her elbow on her knee and chin on her fist, smiling with a straw hat on and a life jacket. it’s a sunny day I’m your hostess with the mostest here at Perpetual Randomness.

Some Labels

Here are some labels I allow for myself, though I am not defined by them. They are parts of me.

  • Creatrix: This covers all of the ways that I create things including painting, drawing, playing guitar, singing, writing, photography, and many more aspects of creating something.
  • Yogi: I have practiced yoga since the early ’00s, and while I’m no expert, I am well versed in listening to what my body needs in a practice. I might do teacher training at some point just for the fun of it.
  • Reader: A voracious reader, I usually have 3-4 books in progress. My Goodreads lists are the best place to get a feel for what I like and what I’m up to lately.
  • Meditator: I have recently built a robust meditation practice which has become my regular medicine for unwinding all the ways the world has told me I should be that are in authentic to me. I highly recommend it. I am active on Insight Timer as pinkeerach and am happy to share resources.
  • Sailor/Cruiser: In 2020, I began my journey as a sailor, and turned into a cruiser in 2023. I live aboard SV Loka, our Caliber 47 sailboat, and am enjoying learning a new way of living.
  • Programmer: This was my job for 25 years so it’s difficult to slough it off. While I don’t write code anymore, I absolutely use all the creative problem solving skills that I learned in that career. Similar to how I can’t play piano after 4 years of lessons but I can read the hell out of some music because of it.