Hello, Hugo World


Hey there and welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’ve owned this corner since the early 2000s and it has gone through many phases of rewrite and redesign. And it usually ends up in some state of half-done because I lose motivation, and never come back to it.

As I’ve been working on svloka.com, I have rekindled my interest in authoring webpages for fun. And I wanted to explore something other than “just another Wordpress” site. Prandom.com was a wordpress blog for a long time, and most recently, I was tinkering with Dreamhost’s Remixer tool to create content. None of it seems to fit anymore. I want to return to static webpages instead of constantly fighting with code (usually JavaScript) or a web WSIWYG editor, and focus on posting my thoughts, which has always been my favorite part of doing all this.

At the recommendation of a couple of friends (Joshua Graves and Marcus Wu), I decided to check out Hugo, which is allows me to author content in markdown, push it to a git repo, and publish the static pages (generated by hugo) directly to my webhost.

Hugo is quite the nifty tool so far, and it’s proving to be lightweight and low maintenance. I’m really excited about getting back into static pages and leaving the complexity of clientside code and the bloat of serverside code behind.

Come with me on this journey to explore a new (old) way of creating websites, particularly those that are my personal ponderings.

And of course, it will be perpetually random as my thoughts and ponderings have been for a very long time.